In China, You Will Be Jailed For Stepping Out

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Amidst the rapid spread of new variant of Covid19 and in general, to control the spread of coronavirus, this city in China has decided to impose harsh restrictions. From stepping out of the house to standing in queues, the citizens will have to follow these rules and restrictions or they could face severe punishments.

China has imposed strict restrictions on its citizens. Without permission from employers and municipal officials, it is now illegal to leave the central Chinese metropolis of Xi'an. Anyone caught on the highways can be detained for up to ten days and fined 500 yuan (£58.37), stated the latest regulation.

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No cars showed be seen on roads. The only vehicles allowed to move will be the disinfectant spraying ones, emergency cases, or for people’s daily necessities. Cases, where people are allowed to come out of their houses, are in case they want to get tested or for a medical emergency.

If they tested negative, certain residents in lower-risk locations would be allowed to go out and buy supplies, according to the local authority. Before the new regulations were revealed, one member of each household was allowed to go out to buy goods every other day. But now the rules have become stricter and anyone who refuses to observe the guidelines, such as keeping a metre apart in lines, could risk detention and a fine, according to police.

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