BBK9: Don't Cross Limits, Kichcha Sudeep Warns Sanya Iyer and Roopesh Shetty

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Bigg Boss Kannada 9 is full of drama and fights inside the house. Kichcha Sudeep seems to be in an angry mood after watching the happenings inside the house for over a week now.

It is known that there are several controversial contestants in Bigg Boss Kannada house in Season 9. And every contestant is leaving no stone unturned to make his presence felt in the house as well as woo viewers.

If you regularly watch the show and are a BBK9 buff, then you would know that Roopesh and Sanya are a couple in the Bigg Boss Kannada house.

The other day, Sanya Iyer was seen lying on Roopesh Shetty inside the bedroom when the duo was having a conversation with Aryavardhan Guruji. A video of the same has gone viral and family viewers of the show are mighty upset with the show maker, Colors Kannada.

In last night's Vaaradha Kathe Kichchana Jothe episode, Bigg Boss Kannada 9 host Kichcha Sudeep gave an earful to both Sanya and Roopesh for crossing the line. He said one must behave in public. Also, he told Roopesh  that he had entered the house after earning some fame outside and that he has to maintain that till he walks out of the house. Roopesh apologises and says that he was not at fault and that he would be extra careful in future.

Then Sudeep asks Sanya Iyer to be mindful and conscious about her mannerisms.

All this happened after a section of BBK9 fans questioned Colors Kannada over the leaked clip which they termed objectionable for family viewing.

let's see if Bigg Boss kannada makers come up with a new rule this time for the contestants.

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