Khammam: Cheated By Lover, Depressed Girl Attempts Suicide By Drinking Sanitizer

 - Sakshi Post

A woman allegedly tried to commit suicide by consuming sanitizer. The victim is the resident of Bonakal mandal, Chirunomula village of Khammam district. According to the reports, Para Sindhu was in a relationship with Parsagani Venu, a resident of Ravinuthala from the last four years. Ten days ago, Sindhu filed a complaint in the nearby police station stating that Venu whom she wanted to marry started evading her after repeated requests from the girl to marry her. The girl also stated that he sexually exploited her on the promise of marrying her. But now, he clearly rejected her.

She staged a protest in front of her lover's residence twice but all her efforts went in vain. The girl got depressed and wanted to end her life. So, she consumed santizer and went into unconscious state. The parents of Sindhu left her in front of Venu's residence in Ravinuthala. In the suicide note left by Sindhu, it was written that the parents of Venu were not accepting for the marriage as she is a Dalit. Police registered a case and are investigating in all the angles to know the exact truth.

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