YSRCP Perni Nani Reacts To Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy's Phone Tapping Comments 

perni nani comments on kotamreddy sridhar reddy phone tapping - Sakshi Post

Former minister Perni Nani reacted to Kotamreddy Sridhar Reddy’s allegations of phone tapping by the YSRCP government. While addressing the media, Perni Nani questioned Sridhar Reddy about his intentions behind these allegations. 

Speaking to the media near the CM Camp Office on Wednesday, Perni Nani said, "When we don't have any negative intentions or are doing anything illegal then what is the fear about phone tapping? Why does phone tapping happen in the first place? This has become a word that is being used too often”, he added.

 He further said that if Sridhar Reddy claimed to be served Chief Minister’s family for a long time, then why is leaving on the pretext of phone tapping, he asked.

Chandrababu himself said that we didn't buy phone-tapping software when they were in power, then, how is it that this has become a point of discussion for them now? Speaking further he said that if the call about MLA Sridhar Reddy talking about the Chief Minister was sent to him by the intelligence chief who he had sent it to him for checking, then how can he assume or call it phone tapping? Why did he not meet and bring up the issue with the Chief Minister at that point in time,” he asked.

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