Don't Stoop so Low to Gain Sympathy For Political Mileage: Ambati to Naidu

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TDP chief Chandrabu Naidu can stoop to any level for power, said YSRCP MLA Ambati Rambabu. Cunning by nature, Chandrababu Nadu used his uncle NTR then and now his wife to indulge in cheap politics, he added. 

Speaking to the media, Ambati said, "Chandrababu is saying that there was some remark made against his wife, Bhuvaneshwari. However, neither me or any of my party members said any such things. I bow down, joining my hands to state that it is not in our nature to comment on women. Chandrababu is doing all this for political gain. Nadu backstabbed NTR to rise in political ranks and become the chief minister. Today, dramas are being enacted to gain sympathy by using his wife. If there is any evidence to prove that we said anything about Bhubaneswari, please show us. Even his wife shoyld question Chandrababu in this matter," he said.

Earlier, CM Jagan was insulted at a press meet at the TDP office. On that occasion, Jagan openly pointed at the culprit. Well if we say anything wrong about you and your family members, it will be on records in the assembly files, right? Show us the evidence. Do not stoop for sympathy by covering up the facts, said Ambati Rambabu. 

The TDP, which has already disappeared in Telangana, is now disappearing from Andhra Pradesh too. Unable to bear the humiliation and confused over what to do, they are resorting to such cheap politics, said the senior YSRCP leader.

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