‘800' a truthful movie with no masala, depicts how I got those wickets amid suffering, chaos: Muralitharan

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Bengaluru, Oct 1 (IANS) Renowned spinner Muttiah Muralitharan on Sunday said that his biopic "800" is "a truthful movie with no masala" and depicts how he got those wickets amid suffering and chaos back home in Sri Lanka.

"People will know the rosy things on the field but inside what happened behind this no one knows. That is the story narrated in the film," Muralitharan, who was here to promote his film, said.

"I didn’t go to the shooting spot and was not involved in the process of shooting. I have given sole right to the director. Only thing I asked for is not to include anything which is untruthful. It should be very truthful. No masala is included, I have seen the script many times and I am yet to watch the movie," he said.

About his struggles, he said: "I travelled through cities. I am a minority. The movie shows how my family went through the situations, how the country was suffering and how I got 800 wickets amid all this is the story.

"I want to convey to the audience that there will be a lot of problems coming at you. You have to handle all that and possess a never say quit attitude. And then you can achieve what you want. Someday, your things will happen. There will be failures in your life, try to overcome and learn how to overcome failures. Failure is guaranteed, you will get success after thousands of failures, accept the failure.

"Whatever you do, whichever sport you do, you have to love that and then dedicate, discipline is a must. Enjoy yourself. If you follow this, you will be someone in life," Muralitharan contended.

Indian spin legend Anil Kumble, who had come to promote the movie, said that he never looked at Muralitharan as his competitor.

"He had taken 200 wickets more than I did. It’s unthinkable how Murali could get 800 wickets. It’s outstanding," he added.

"We have all seen how Murali grew and contributed to Sri Lanka. Our careers literally overlapped. After 1996, his wickets taking scores went like a taxi meter. Whenever there was Murali, there was never a dull moment,” he said.

Muralitharan revealed that whenever he required help, or tips, Anil Kumble was always there for him.

Madhur Mittal is enacting the role of Muralitharan in the film, directed by M.S. Sripathy and produced by Vivek Rangachari. Mahima Nambiyar, Yog Japee, Nassar, Riyrhvika and Narain are playing major roles in the film.

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