Nikki Haley Visits Temple, Gurudwara, Mosque And Church In Delhi

US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley on her 3-day India trip - Sakshi Post

Snigdha Raju

The US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, has visited a temple, a gurudwara, a mosque and a church in Delhi on Thursday.

Nikki, who is of Indian Sikh descent, visited the Sis Ganj Saheb in Chandni Chowk. She became Nimrata Randhawa (Her birth name) once again, by making rotis and helping make Sabji for the Gurudwara’s Langar.

She visited the Gauri Shankar Mandir in Old Delhi, the Jama Masjid, and the Central Baptist Church.

On her inter-faith tour of the India’s capital, she reiterated her secular values saying that she deems religious freedom as important as freedom of rights and freedom of people.

This is her visit to India after she was appointed as US’s UN envoy. She also visited Humayun’s Tomb and said

"It makes my heart happy to be back in India, it is as beautiful as I remember it to be. Its always good to be back home. My parents said I was crazy to come at this time of the year because it is so hot. But, I will tell you that the heat is worth it to be back in India," she said.

Ms Haley said that there are lot of things common between India and the US and her visit was to solidify the friendship.

Nikki Haley on her visit to the Golden Temple in 2014

Nikki Haley is the first Indian-American to serve in a Cabinet-level position in any US presidential administration.

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