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After Bigg Boss -3 contestant Hema kicking up a storm with her allegations over the way the show is being organised, Bigg Boss - 2 contestant Babu Gogineni came out in the open to find fault with the organisers on several counts on Wednesday.

In a video released by him, Babu Gogineni said how the organisers could tolerate the several leaks about what's happening in the show even before it is telecast by technicians and others who are associated with the show. As a result, he rued that the right spirit of the show is lost.

“The spirit of the show is being destroyed by leaks. The news regarding Hema's elimination and entry of Tamanna Simhadri through wild card are already in the public domain through leaks. These leaks are against the spirit of the show. How is it that past contestants of the show are circulating these leaks? Even the organisers are at fault too," he expressed his disappointment in a video message.

Further, he went on to say that there is no sense of isolation whatsoever that the show of this kind demands. "There is absolutely no sense of isolation. The set of Bigg Boss is in Annapurna Studios. As a contestant, one can hear the sounds from outside. The integrity of Bigg Boss is stake. The organisers should bear this in mind," he added.

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