A new PCC chief?

A new PCC chief? - Sakshi Post

 Botsa eyes Home ministry.

The Congress Party High Command has come to a tentative conclusion after lengthy discussions as to who should be the next President for A. P. Congress committee.
The Party High Command thinks it is imperative to give the reins of the Party in the state, to an efficient leader as general elections are round the corner.
 Till now the idea was to take up the leadership changes in A.P, along with that of other states, but this view seems to have changed as of late. The AICC is now paying special attention to Andhra Pradesh. The personal informers of Rahul Gandhi and some Independent observers have also conveyed the message, that it is imperative to change the leadership in the state.
The dual posts of PCC President, Botsa Satyanarayana as a minister is also weighing with the High Command to replace the existing PCC President. But the change might be problematic as there are a number of contenders.
 This time the party circles are sure that the post of PCC president will go to a Telengana man. Minister Kanna Lakshmi Narayana is also in the race but the Ex- chief of PCC, D. Srinivas has an edge over him. D. Srinivas is in Delhi for the past two days, having talks with Ghulam Nabi Azad, who is in charge of state affairs. He also had talks with the Congress Party President Sonia Gandhi for about twenty minutes. D.S. seemed to have emphasized the need to instill confidence among the party workers, in view of the upcoming general elections. He also suggested that the party committees at all levels should be reconstituted, and the leaders should be given specific responsibilities. There is dissatisfaction among people about the way the Government is functioning.  He pointed out that the failure of the Party machinery to bring to the notice of the people, the various welfare programmes introduced, is also one of the reasons. The ministers who are facing allegations, the attempts of TRS to hook some of Congress MPs and MLAs into its fold, also came up for discussion. There is no co-ordination between the party and the Government which has an adverse impact upon the party workers in the field, who have become inactive and apathetic.
D. S. held the party reins in the last two general elections and so his confabulations with Congress party leaders at the Centre has assumed prominence. His followers are quite confident that their chief will be given the post this time.
Kanna Lakshmi Narayana State Agriculture Minister is also one of the aspirants and had talks on Tuesday with Azad and some of the senior leaders from the state. Botsa Satyanarayana is lobbying to become the home minister in place of Sabitha Indra Reddy.
 The Party High Command had considered the names of Kishore Chandra Dev, and Jaipal Reddy for the post in the past. The latter was said to have insisted on resolving the issue of Telengana before accepting the post. There was a time when the name of tourism minister Chiranjeevi was considered. But the idea was given up considering his lack of experience.  There was a kind of fear expressed by the state leaders that Chiranjeevi’s family members will have undesirable influence in the choice of the candidates in the general elections.
Tainted Ministers must go out of the cabinet
Pressure is mounting on the High Command to give orders to remove the ministers who were mentioned in the charge sheet of the CBI .They opine that removing them from the cabinet will divert the attention of the people from YSRCP  president, YS Jaganmohan Reddy. There is a possibility that Rahul Gandhi will inform  the High Command’s decision to the CM  Kiran Kumar Reddy on Thursday. The Party High Command might also give the green signal to the CM to reconstitute the cabinet.


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