Had YSR been alive.....

Had YSR been alive..... - Sakshi Post

September 2 has wrought complete darkness for countless Telugus. That was the day when dark clouds of death robbed YSR from us. The state has changed forever after September 2.

YSR's death left a void that is difficult to fill. The state has turned topsy turvy. The governance went for a toss and before people could realise, the Telugu people were vivisected. Two states were formed.

YSR was a staunch integrationist and wanted the state to remain united. He had taken special care to develop the backward regions of Telangana. {Watch the Video: YSR Amar Rahe}

However, the process of division began once YSR died. This has hit all the three regions of the undivided state in equal measure. The slew of welfare measures put in place by the late leader have been gradually weakened and some completely shut down. His care and concern for the poor and the under-privileged was unmatched. He took care to ensure that the fruits of development and prosperity reach the lowest of the lowest. This juggernaut of development halted inexorably ever since the great leader passed way.

His death also sounded death knell for the Congress, the party which won back-to-back elections. These stunning victories were due to the untiring efforts of YSR. Minus him, the Congress is all but finished. It is decimated in Andhra Pradesh and is down in the dumps in Telangana.

These are challenging times and requires challenging leaders with great vision and fortitude. The need of the hour is a leader who can bring everyone together and put back the twin states back on rails. In Jagan, we have such leader with vision and mission.{Gallery: YS family members paying tributes to YSR on his death anniversary}


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