Yoga Therapist Held For Duping Rs2 Lakh Of Techie Couple

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Hyderabad: A Yoga therapist and her associate from Kondapur were arrested on Monday for allegedly duping Rs2 lakh from a techie couple on the pretext of relieving them from depression.

The couple Ganti Jagadish and Kiranmayi from Kondapur joined in Sshure Yoga Center along with their children Karthik and Venu two months ago. As the couple suffering from stress and depression the family had gone to the Yoga classes on the suggestion of Ushasri, the accused. Ushasri with the help of her friend J. Abhishek lured the couple into a trap promising them to get relieved from the depression through spiritual counselling and Kayakalpa therapy.

In June ending, the accused confined the couple in the center under the pretext of treatment. The accused then hyptonised them and extracted all their personal information. On July 2 Ushasri took them to Kali Mandir in Nanakramguda, she also told them that they would be taken some more pilgrim centers in the pretext of spiritual counselling. Later, the couple were taken to Srisailam and then to Arunachalam. In the temple premises, Ushasri and her friend Abhishek forced the couple to transfer Rs2 lakh to their account.

Gaining her conscious, Kiranmayi posted a status in Facebook that they were in danger. Seeing the post, the relatives lodged a complaint with the police against the Yoga center. Police on investigation traced the location of the victims through their mobile phone. The police rushed to the spot and took the accused to custody.

Ushasri started the Yoga center two years ago and was living alone in Madhapur.

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