In Videos: #JoyFightsFear, Staying Happy Is The Best Medicine!

By Amena Rasti

Due to outbreak of deadly Coronavirus and as the number of confirmed cases of virus are increasing on a high pace, the whole world is in state of complete lockdown. Educational institutions, gyms, sports clubs, theatres, malls, nightclubs, and offices are shut across the globe as a precautionary step. As the vaccine for this virus has not been formulated yet, prevention is the best cure available goes the adage.

People have been advised to stay indoors to help prevent the further spread of the disease. As the numbers are increasing across the world, it is triggering a huge panic among the citizens.

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While it is actually a scary situation, filled with panic and fear, people in the self quarantine are doing their best to keep themselves happy and tackle with the lockdown anxiety. Always remember staying happy is the best medicine! So, we have compiled few videos of people who are spreading smiles and conquering fear with joy. These videos will surely offer you some amount of hope amid this scary outbreak.

Take a look at the videos here:

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