Theresa May Will Continue Brexit Negotiations In Brussels

Theresa May Will Continue Brexit Negotiations In Brussels - Sakshi Post

London: The United Kingdom's Prime Minister on Sunday confirmed she will travel to Brussels later in the week to continue Brexit negotiations following a tough week in which she published a provisional deal on the UK's withdrawal from the European Union.

Theresa May gave an interview on a Sunday morning Sky News politics show in which she defended a draft Brexit plan which, although welcomed by EU officials, prompted a backlash from UK lawmakers, including members of her own Conservative Party, a number of whom have started to collect signatures for a no-confidence motion, reports Efe news.

"I'll be going back to Brussels, we will be negotiating," May said. "The negotiating teams are working as we speak," she added.

She said she would discuss the deal with the European Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker ahead of an extraordinary European Council summit on the topic of Brexit slated to take place on November 25.

May has come under pressure from some of her own cabinet ministers to renegotiate aspects of the nearly 600-page document outlining the draft deal.

Opposition Labour leader Jeremy Corbyn appeared on the same TV show before the PM in which he said that a second referendum on Brexit could be possible but not at present.

May leads the minority Conservative Party government, which stays afloat in the House of Commons, the lower chamber of UK lawmaking, with the confidence and supply of the DUP, a hardline Northern Irish party.

The UK is due to officially leave the EU on March 29, 2019.


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