Woman Dupes Another Woman Claiming Women's Rights Activist

Woman Dupes Another Woman Claiming Women's Rights Activist - Sakshi Post

Hyderabad: Uppal police on Saturday arrested fraudster one Kotla Vasanta who had duped several people in the name of arbitration and settlements.She claimed to be a journalist working for Mahila Darbaar monthly magazine and she played several other 'cards' such as human rights activist, movie maker, and so on.

According to Uppal Inspector Narsimha Reddy, Vasanta (45) demanded money from women after they share the sensitive details of their problems.

In a recent incident that came to light when a woman from Uppal Genpact lodged a complaint with the Uppal police. She met Vasanta through other friends in the process of resolving a personal issue. The woman had met Mahmood Irfan few months back and later fell in love with him. But when she asked him to marry her, he had absconded. Then the woman filed a case against him at Uppal police station. But as the case was taking too long, she approached Vasanta to get the the issue resolved. Vasanta claimed to be an official of Women's Rights Committee and took Rs 5,100 as fee to take up the case. Later, she extracted Rs40,000 from the victim saying she found the whereabouts the man and will get him back from Bodan in Nizamabad. However, after few days Vasanta stopped responding to her calls and had gone absconding from Nacharam.

The woman filed a cheating case against Vasanta. Basing on the call records, Vasanta was nabbed. The police recovered Rs 50,200 in cash and visiting cards of 9 TV journalists, All India Sonia Gandhi Women's Right and Protection Council, Vasanta Enterprises and Vasanta Creations.

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