TRS Leader Threatens Couple, Rapes Girl

TRS Leader Threatens Couple, Rapes Girl - Sakshi Post

According to the complaint lodged by G Vinay (22), a resident of Hanmakonda, Renakar threatened him and his girl friend on December 31 at Mylarum road in Shyamapet. The couple were walking on Mylarum road when three youth waylaid them and asked about their particulars. When they replied that they were in love, the trio called up Renakar who arrived within a few minutes. He further questioned them and learned about their love story. Later, he sent away the trio and told the couple that media and the police is looking for them. He suggested that Renakar should try to hide at some place and that he would drop off the girl at Mandaripeta bus stop so that she could return home.

However, Renakar took the girl to a hilly area and threatened her before raping her throughout the night. Later, he dropped her off at the bus station. She narrated her story to Vinay who assured his support to her and promised to marry her. On his part, Renakar tracked down the couple and started harassing them for Rs. 30,000 to keep the issue a secret. Vinay managed to cough up Rs. 5,000, but was fed up with Renakar's constant threats.

He lodged a complaint on Monday with the Shyampeta police who nabbed Renakar. He is said to have confessed to his crime and is expected to be presented to the media shortly. Also, the TRS party has suspended him from the party.

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