When Senior Comedian Naresh Said Me Too

Actor Naresh in screen grab of his 1991 film Chithram Bhalare Vichithram - Sakshi Post

Comedian Ali who has been in the Telugu film industry for more than 35 years has become even more popular as a host with a chat show in his own name. The program which is aired on a popular Telugu Channel has seen different actors and actresses from both the old and new eras siting on the hot seat. Ali who seems to have enough gossip about his guests asks questions about the forgotten past and has been engaging the  the viewers for many years.

In one of the episodes he invited comedian and actor Naresh , who has now turned into a popular character actor. For those who don't know, Naresh who is the son of actress /director Vijaya Nirmala, was  a popular hero of the 80s and 90s . In the show, Naresh shared his experiences and in particular he spoke about playing the role of a woman in Chithram Bhalare Vichithram in 1991, which became a cult picture in those days .

Since he was a method actor he spoke about how he got into the skin of the character and imbibed effeminate characteristics. As he was sitting waiting for his shot,  one of the film's producer and his friend were watching him. The producer came up to Naresh and said that his friend was asking him for his rate. Thinking it was his remuneration he said that it was the same for this film. But the producer said that he was asking about his ''night rate'' and was under the assumption that Naresh was a heroine from Bombay and was a "fast girl''. Of course, later the actor revealed his true self to the producer which left the audience in splits.

Now in this episode which might seem funny to the public, the actor had unwittingly gave an indirect reference about Bombay heroines in those days and also about what could be seen as the casting couch scenario. These kind of subtle references may seem trivial to the public, but actually show the true perspective of the other side of how the world of cinema operates and also how heroines are treated.

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