Protest In Hyderabad Against Citizenship Act 

Protestors at Indira park in Hyderabad - Sakshi Post

HYDERABAD: Hundreds of people from Assam based in Hyderabad on Sunday gathered at Indira Park here to mark their protest against the controversial Citizenship (Amendment) Act.

Holding placards and Gamusas (Assam's traditional textile) with messages that read "Our protest is against illegal immigrants, religion doesn't count", "No CAA", "Boycott CAB", "Withdraw CAA", "Save Assam", protestors stood against the Bill.

After the Citizenship (Amendment) Bill was cleared by Parliament, violent protests broke out in Assam, with Guwahati being the epicentre of the demonstrations, as agitators engaging in pitched battles with the police, forcing the administration to impose curfew.

"As curfew has been imposed in parts of the state, and internet suspended for over 72 hours now, the situation is worrisome. I am not being able to talk to my parents over video call and also we are running out of ration at our homes," Parishmita who works in Hyderabad says.

Violent protests have ensued in the state of Assam following the passage of the Bill, with the death toll rising to five in the state.

Protestors say that the resentment against the Act in Assam is different from that of India. Many fear that with the passage of Act, the indigenous Assamese people faces a threat of cultural extinction in the face of mass immigration from neighbouring Bangladesh.

One protestor explains, "The Bill has problems from two main angles. From an all-India perspective, the Bill is discriminatory as it doesn't include Muslims, while in Assam, which shares border with Bangladesh, the problem is with illegal immigrants, irrespective of the religion. Assam cannot be a dumping ground, hence we reject the Act," said one.

"One of the main problems Assam faces is of unemployment. It is only because of this very reason, I am working in Hyderabad. With the Act, it legitimises illegal migrants, which would amount to more unemployment in the state,” said another protestor.

According to the amended Act, non-Muslim refugees, who escaped religious persecution in Pakistan, Bangladesh and Afghanistan and moved to India before December 31, 2014, will be granted Indian citizenship.

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