Miesha Iyer

 - Sakshi Post
Nov 06, 2021
Umar Riaz, the Bigg Boss 15 contestant, has been on the internet ever since he had a fight with Simba Nagpal. Immediately after the incident, Umar became the captain of the Bigg Boss Hindi house,...
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 19, 2021
Bigg Boss fans are busy discussing the name of the contestant that is the most fake player in BB15 right now.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 16, 2021
Things in Bigg Boss house are always unpredictable. Romance, getting close to a fellow contestant, and ending up dating in the house are very common.
 - Sakshi Post
Oct 10, 2021
Romance in Bigg Boss house is not new. Contestants often form a bond that later turns into something more but that usually takes time.
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