'Shankar Rao's daughter misleading people'

'Shankar Rao's daughter misleading people' - Sakshi Post

The chief of Green Fields Flats owners association, Chandrashekar Rao said that former minister Shankar Rao's daughter Sushmitha was misleading the public by claiming her father's innocence in the land grabbing case.

Even the Supreme Court's judgment rules against Shankar Rao, he said, adding the government was not taking any action against Shankar Rao because of political pressure.
He asked Shankar Rao's supporters if they cared about themselves. He also wondered why the opposition wasn't questioning an MLA's involvement in land grabbing.
He demanded that Sankar Rao be arrested immediately and return their lands. Rao also demanded that Shankar Rao be immediately arrested and the land returned to their rightful owners.
He also lamented the present leaders' carelessness towards people who had been struggling for the last 30 years.
He also requested the minority leaders not to turn Green Fields issue into caste politics. He also said that he was ready for open talks in the land issue.




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