Now TDP slams CRDA masterplan

Now TDP slams CRDA masterplan - Sakshi Post

Vijayawada: After backing the CRDA master plan all these days, the TDP leaders, including MLAs, have spoken against it now. In an interesting turn of events, the TDP MPs and MLAs have voiced their concern over the CRDA and said it could spell disaster for the Krishna district in general and for the farmers of the district in particular.

At the CRDA awareness meeting held in Vijayawada on Saturday, the TDP leaders said that the farmers of the Krishna district would be worst hit. The value of their land has come down from crores to Rs 10 lakh.
Machilipatnam MP Konakalla Narayana said the decision to announce Krishna as agricultural zone has hit the realty sector badly.

Konakalla Narayana said, “The master plan has now become talk of the state and particularly in our district. The people are discussing about it everywhere. The farmers are terribly worried about the plan, he "said

TDP MP Keshineni Nani, Gannavaram MLA Vallabhaneni Vamshi also strongly criticised the master plan.

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