Not quitting YSRCP, will remain loyal to Jagan: Bhuma and Shobha

Not quitting YSRCP, will remain loyal to Jagan: Bhuma and Shobha - Sakshi Post

YSRCP leaders Bhuma Nagireddy and Bhuma Shobha Nagireddy have put rumours of them quitting the party, to rest. Speaking to reporters, the duo have categorically stated that they do not wish to leave the party.

The YSRCP members refuting the rumours, attributed them to false reporting by Andhrajyothi channel. They added that the channel intended to malign them by spreading these false reports.Throwing their weight behind party president YS Jagan Mohan Reddy, they said they will remain loyal to him and follow his footsteps. 
Condemning the rumors, Bhuma warned the channel of consequences if they continued with their false reportage. He added that he might even consider filing a defamation case against Andhrajyothi channel.
When asked to explain his absence in the recently concluded Extended Party Meet, Bhuma said that he had other commitments. "New members had joined the party and I was busy welcoming them to the fold. Moreover, I also had to attend a Rachabanda programme."
Shobha Nagireddy warned Congress and TDP leaders not to play such cheap tricks, instead face Jagan politically if they have the guts.

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