Women at forefront of technology, leading with vision: Industry leaders

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New Delhi, March 8 (IANS) Leaders from the tech industry on Friday said that women are at the forefront of technology, breaking barriers and leading with vision.

In a statement to IANS, Poonam Puthran, Executive Vice President - Banking at Aurionpro, said that women play a pivotal role in shaping the landscape in the dynamic world of technology.

"With their leadership and resilience, we chart a course towards excellence, driving our organisation forward with purpose and determination," she added.

A report by AIM Research titled 'Women in Tech 2023 (India)' found that out of the total pool of tech professionals across India, the share of women tech professionals is only 29 per cent.

Anjali Sharma, Director, Global Head of L&D, Fulcrum Digital, said the ascent of women in tech in India is both a triumph and a call to action.

"Despite the challenges within the traditionally male-dominated realm, we have witnessed a remarkable shift as women rise through the ranks, particularly in cutting-edge fields like deep tech," she added.

According to Sharma, the journey towards gender equality in tech is a shared responsibility, with collaboration needed from individuals, organisations, and policymakers.

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