Weather Changes Making You Gloomy? Follow These 5 Steps for an Uplifting Winter!

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The past few weeks, the climate has been as moody as most of us have been working from home and for home, for almost two years now! One moment it's hot and humid, while the other it is breezy with a slight chill, and right after, continuous downpours and thunderstorms! This demands a change in wardrobe as we put on cardigans and bring out our favorite autumn pastels. It also encourages us to turn around our home décor, as we pull out our dohars and switch to no air-conditioning. But another change required, yet usually neglected, is a lifestyle one. So, read on to find out the best way to look after our inner self making this season gloom free

  1. Hydrate – More often than not, we choose to quench our thirst by gulping cold or iced water. This often shocks our system and encourages our neurotransmitters to send false signals to our brain suggesting that we are no longer thirsty. Instead, indulge your body and gut by drinking warm or luke warm water. This allows us to drink more water, cleansing of our gut and ensuring any virus that enters our body is flushed out.
  2. Skin Care – Just how we make room for cozy jumpers, hot chocolate, we also need to make room for a new winter skincare routine. Seasonal changes often lead to cracks in the outer skin layer, loss of hydration, breakouts and inflammation — all of which impact the overall health of our skin. These problems occur because the skin barrier gets disrupted during the weather transition period, making it susceptible to inflammation and irritation. Fiama‘s Patchouli & Macadamia Shower Gel has skin conditioners that helps make your skin feel soft and moisturized.
  3. Nutrition - Support your body and mind through seasonal transitions by making necessary changes in your dietary plan. These changes although minor will ensure you stay healthy and active all year round. Eat heat producing foods with more proteins, carbs, fat and starchy veggies. Add seeds — flax, chia, pumpkin, water melon, musk melon etc. — to your diet along with grains, beans and dairy products. Also, eat sautéed and baked food to keep you satisfied and full of energy.
  4. Regular exercise - Regular exercise consisting of cardio and strength training is an ideal way to keep your body energetic and your spirits up. Extreme weather changes can often leave you feeling lethargic, sad and de-motivated. One way to make sure you get your burst of energy and happiness is by partnering up with a friend or a trainer to help you stay on track and keep moving.
  5. Get some Sun! - Getting adequate amounts of natural light in a day can help you feel positive, focused and rejuvenated. Getting 30 minutes of natural light as soon as you wake up can help boost serotonin levels which in turn boost melatonin levels and help with better sleep at night and keep the hormones in balance as well.

Incorporating these baby steps will help you align better with nature, and allow your body to perform better while keeping it protected.

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