Udaariyaan Serial Written Update November 16: Father Heartbroken Over Tejo-Angad Proximity

 - Sakshi Post

In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Angad and Tejo visit Khushbeer’s house. Jasmine wants to make Tejo jealous by staying close to Fathe. However, Fathe warns her against doing so. Khushbeer's family feel happy to see Angad taking care of Tejo. Later, Tejo’s statements hurt Fathe and he is heartbroken on seeing Tejo getting close to Angad. Anyway, Angad tries to show off his love for Tejo when Fathe is secretly watching them. 

Fathe congratulates Tejo for moving on and starting a new life with Angad. Fathe thanks Tejo for convincing Khushbeer and his family to attend his marriage. Angad tells Tejo that Khushbeer has invited them for dinner and Angad expresses his fear. Later, Tejo tells Angad that he is taking acting seriously. Jasmine tells Fathe that she is not happy with Khushbeer’s decision about Tejo and Angad engagement. Later, Fathe explains to Jasmine that Khushbeer will make top class arrangements for Tejo’s engagement which will also involve them. He gives her the idea that with marriage savings they can go to Canada.

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