Udaariyaan Serial Written Update December 30: Angad Joins Hands With Jasmine

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In today's episode of Udaariyaan, Fateh is tensed thinking about Riya Nani's words about Angad. Tejo stays back to take care of Angad. Meanwhile, Tejo and Riya go out and Fateh appears in front of Tejo. Elsewhere, Jasmine intervenes and tells Tejo that Fateh is her husband and why can't she leave them alone. Angad joins hands with Jasmine and asks her to help him get married to Tejo.

In yesterday's episode, Jasmine gets into Fateh's trap. Fateh calls the cops and makes Jasmine arrested. Jasmine gets stunned after Fateh shows his real face. Jasmine manipulates cops and tries to call Riya's Nani. Fateh visits Riya's Nani house and tells about Jasmine. Later Riya's Nani tells Fateh about Angad's stubborn character. Angad wanted to get an accident where he can stop Tejo from going to her hometown. Tejo gets calls from the hospital and gets to know about  Angad's accident. Tejo rushes to the hospital. Meanwhile, Jasmine calls Riya's Nani and asks for help but she refuses to help her and says she doesn't want any help from her. Riya's Nani tells Fateh told everything about her. Later Tejo informs Rupi that Angad met with an accident so she can't come home. 


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