Spoiler Alert Prema Entha Madhuram Today’s Episode August 11: Arya To Miss Bonam Event at Anu’s House

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Ramya, Sampath and Anu’s family write down names on the wedding invites. Ramya reminds Anu to send the invite to their friends in Delhi. When Anu asks Sampath to buy a cover from the shop, Subbu stops him and takes out the cover which Jalandhar had sent Anu. 

Observing that the letter is for Anu, Subbu reads out the letter inside it. It states that Anu should open Rajanandini’s room to find out about Arya’s past. 

When Subbu questions Anu about Rajanandini, Anu cooks up a story and tell her parents that Arya’s enemy, Jalandhar, must have sent the letter. As Subbu grows suspicious, Anu insists on him not to mistrust Arya.

The next day, Mansi gets perplexed as the family members are not at home. While Meera reminds Raghupati to execute his plan to stop the wedding, Mansi confronts her. 

Neeraj calms down a frustrated Mansi, who assumes that Arya went to Anu’s house. As Arya’s phone is switched off, Anu calls Mansi to ask about him. Will Mansi tell that Arya is not at home is to be watched in the episode.

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