Breaking BB15 Shocking Eviction: Not Just one, 3 Top Contestants Eliminated, Deets Inside

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Bigg Boss 15 has become more intense and controversial as the house got divided into top contestants and bottom ones. After a press conference in the house, Bigg Boss named the season's top five contestants. During this time, contestant Simba Nagpal, who was one of the bottom six players, faced eviction because none of the top five contestants elected to save him.

Now there are rumors that another contestant is out of the show. It is Jay Bhanushali. The contestants will have to perform tasks and during that live voting will be going on. The contestant to get the lowest votes will be out. Jay got the least votes and was out.

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According to reports, Jay was the one who got the fewest votes, resulting in his eviction from the BB15 house. However, the makers have yet to provide official confirmation.

The inside news suggests that it is not just Jay but Neha Bhasin and Vishal Kotian as well. These three were considered top contestants by the audience as well so their eviction at this moment comes as a shock to Bigg Boss fans.

It is to be seen what happens next on the show. Eviction of these three will surely create new drama in Bigg Boss 15.

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