Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Siri Admits to Emotional Attachment With Shanmukh

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Bigg Boss Telugu house has had a peaceful environment throughout the week excluding some minor discussions among the housemates. Host Nagarjuna wanted the house to have healthy competition which is why he decided to clear the discussions in Saturday's episode. 

Nagarjuna first cleared up the differences between Ravi and Sunny and later tried to sort out the problem between Maanas and Priyanka. However, as they did not open up properly, Nagarjuna asked Siri about her problem. He later fired at Shannu for making Siri cry in the bathroom. 

Siri, then explained that she was getting emotionally attached to Shanmukh. Siri further told that as she can't hurt others, she hurt herself. Nagarjuna scolded Siri not to inflict self pain and he also asked her to promise that she will never repeat such kind of acts in the house. 

Nagarjuna advised Siri that she should be an inspiration to the youth who are watching them on TV and not be a bad example. He added a word of warning saying that if Siri repeats this kind of behaviour, she will be given a red card and be eliminated from the house. Will Siri change her behaviour with Shannu and control her annoying character is to be watched in the coming episodes. 

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