Bigg Boss Telugu 5: Reason Behind Bigg Boss Giving Jessie Secret Task

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Finally, the most anticipated moment in the show for Bigg Boss Telugu viewers has arrived. There were misunderstandings between Siri, Shannu, and Jessie during the secret task assigned by the Bigg Boss. 

For the unversed, Bigg Boss called Jessie to the confession room and entrusted him with a secret task if he wanted to be a captaincy contender. Siri helped Jessie and ditched Shannu while collecting eggs. After Bigg Boss announced that Jessie was assigned a secret task, Shannu asks Bigg Boss to give him also a secret task after which Ravi counters Shannu and asks him to play the task first in a jovial manner. Shannu is hurt by those words. 

During his conversation with Siri and Jessie, Shannu tells them that they played a selfish game by ditching him. Shanmukh seems to have now got a clarity that Siri and Jessie are also playing their own game by making him a fool. Siri and Jessie try to explain to Shanmukh about the situation, but he asks them to leave him. Netizens are impressed with Bigg Boss' clear move to create a rift between Shannu and Siri friendship by assigning a secret task to Jessie. 

Now, Shannu, Siri, and Jessie have developed differences, and Shannu too has got a clarity that he should play his own game. Since then, the show has become more interesting. Let's wait and watch what Bigg Boss makers are planning next. 

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