Bigg Boss Telugu 7: 13th Week Nominations List

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Bigg Boss Telugu season 7 is inching closer to the grand finale. Yes, what you read is right. According to our sources, its grand finale is going to be held on December 17, 2024. 

In the latest weekend episode, there was a double elimination in the Bigg Boss Telugu 7 house. Ashwini Sree was eliminated in Saturday’s episode, and Rathika got evicted from the show in Sunday’s episode.

Currently, a ticket to the final task is taking place inside of the show. On the other hand, there is also a heated nomination process among the housemates.

According to our trusted sources, Priyanka, Pallavi Prashanth, Sivaji, Shobhitha, and Prince Yawar are all set to get nominated in tonight’s episode. 

However, the full nominated contestants list will be updated soon.

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