Bigg Boss 15 Voting Trend: This Contestant in Danger Zone

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There was no elimination on Bigg Boss 15 last week. Many speculated a mid-week sudden eviction this week, but that seems unlikely. We have three nominated contestants for Week 4 and all of them have chances of going home.

Nominated contestants this week are Vishal Kotian, Simba Nagpal and Akasa Singh. As you can see all the contestants here have chances of getting eliminated from BB15. In the beginning, it was Akasa and Simba who fans wanted out of the show, but now that has changed a little. With how these two have performed this week and also last week, they are getting love from the fans.

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All the three contestants are pretty much on par with each other. But if we look at the voting trends, we can see that Akasa Singh is getting the most votes. She is being supported by Pratik Sehajpal’s fans.

Then it is Vishal Kotian who has managed to entertain housemates and viewers. His antics might irritate the audience sometimes, but still, he is managing to stay safe and play safe. Simba Nagpal has performed really well this week. He was being slammed for doing nothing and always seen sleeping in the show but that changed this week. But for now, he is still getting fewer votes.

It is to be seen if he manages to get more votes in the coming days or will the upcoming Weekend ka Vaar episode brings the end to Simba Nagpal’s Bigg Boss 15 journey.

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