Bigg Boss 15: Devoleena Uncomfortable With Abhijit’s Flirtatious Nature

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A few episodes ago, we saw how Abhijit Bichukale ‘joked’ with Devoleena Bhattacharjee by asking her for a kiss. It became an issue with housemates getting involved and the matter later being discussed on Weekend ka Vaar.

The two later talked it out and cleared the differences, but that didn’t change much as Abhijit's flirtatious nature has become a concern. He still keeps flirting with Devoleena and tries to poke her which has made her very uncomfortable. She even asked him to stop it as it is not funny. Even the audience expressed their disappointment saying they don’t see it as a joke.

Abhijit flirted with Devoleena while chatting with her in the previous episode. He requested that the actress dress in western attire. He also acted out a renowned sequence from Shah Rukh Khan's film with her. Later he said, "To fir Emran Hashmi wala kar lien kya?"  Devoleena jokingly asked him to apologize.

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Once again later he went to Devo and started flirting with her. “Teekhi mirchi lagti hai ye vadapao ki mirchi. Aisa khaunga na tujhe,” he told her. Pratik who was having a conversation with Devoleena at that time asked her if she was okay with such remarks. If she is feeling uncomfortable Pratik himself will go and talk to Abhijit about it. She said it is really bothering her and went to talk to him.

Devoleena urged Abhijit Bichukale to be careful with his words and refrain from making remarks about her because it makes her feel uncomfortable.  

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