Bigg Boss 14 Voting Rigged, Aly Goni Got More Votes Than Nikki Tamboli: Report

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The Bigg Boss season 14 has come to an end. This time the Grand Finale was not that exciting as the viewers already knew the result. Rubina Dilaik won the trophy of BB14, but this was something that everyone already predicted.

The voting trends and the result after every nomination had been somewhat similar, Rubina on top, Rahul Vaidya in second position and Aly Goni on third. It was already predicted that towards the end, Rahul and Rubina will be the two finalists. So that didn’t come as a surprise to anyone.

So to make the otherwise predictable and dull Grand Finale, a happening and surprising one, the makers decided to use Aly Goni as a ‘scapegoat.’ He was one of the most consistent player of the season and helped everyone, so much that he didn’t play for himself.

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Aly’s good nature and positive attitude impressed the viewers. Everyone were happy with his game and voted well for him. After Rubina and Rahul, Aly was always on the third position, so his elimination before Nikki Tamboli was something that came as a shock.

Every week Aly got more votes when compared to Nikki and Rakhi. In the final week as well, he was leading. So Aly not making it into Top 3 was a bit off. According to the Khabri, Aly got almost two times more votes than Nikki and still he was eliminated before her. The makers planned all this to make the Grand Finale, interesting.

Fans were disappointed that he didn’t make it to Top 3, even when he clearly deserved it. Many said that, being too good costed him. It seems like the Bigg Boss makers are trying to establish that only when a person is controversial and has gotten into many fights, do they have the chances to reaching the top. Since Aly didn’t get into many fights and was not a controversial man of the season, it is like he provided no “content” and that is only what the makers care about, said one fan on Twitter. 

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