BBT5: Shannu PRs Accused of Fraud Voting

 - Sakshi Post

Bigg Boss Telugu season 5 is grabbing the attention of the audience and contestants are keeping the audience glued to the their television with their performance. Ever since yesterday’s nomination episode, the BB house is on fire and the contestants have been divided into groups. As we all know all the contestants in Telugu Bigg Boss house cornered Shannu, Siri and Jessie and it appears everyone are against them. Even Shannu got a reality check on other Contestants' game strategy. So, after the fight between Shannu and Sreerama Chandra, Shannu haters are trolling him and saying he is unfit to be in the Bigg Boss Telugu house. 

On the other hand, a section of the audience are saying that Shannu's PRs are doing fraud voting to save him from nominations. One known fact about the Bigg Boss show is that contestants who enter the show will hire the PRs before hand to promote them on social media so as to manage a good vote bank and we can say it is a type of publicity. So from day one, there are allegations that Shannu has hired PRs for promotions. Besides, there is also a fight between the fans of Shannu and Sreerama over the last two days. Do you think Shannu's PRs have actually resorted to fraud voting? Can someone actually do it? Comment below. Follow Sakshi Post for more updates.

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