BBT5: Ravi Using Sympathy Card For Votes?

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Bigg Boss Telugu  Season 5 fourth week nominations have grabbed the attention of the audience as eight members were nominated to be eliminated from the house.

The names of the nominated contestants include Lobo, Natraj Master, Priya, Anchor Ravi, Siri, Kajal, Sunny, and Anee Master.

During the nomination process, Ravi voted for Natraj Master and Kajal to be evicted from the Bigg Boss glasshouse, while Ravi was nominated by 5 members.

However, when his chance of selecting contestants for elimination came, he tried to play the sympathy card for garnering votes.

Wondering how? Let us explain what happened in the episode. Ravi came to the garden area to nominate contestants, but before that, he apologized to his mother, Priya, and Lahari for the discussion that happened during the previous nominations. He later cried for his wrong behaviour. Ravi felt guilty for blaming Lahari and tried to get the sympathy of viewers.

Bigg Boss audiences also feel the same and as per the opening voting trends of week 4 nominations, Ravi has fewer votes when compared to Sunny, Priya, and Lobo.

Let’s wait and watch the weekend episode to know who gets eliminated from the Bigg Boss Telugu show. 

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