Aravind KP Fans Nominate Him For Padma Shri Award After BBK Exit

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If there is any Bigg Boss Kannada contestant who has been in the news for the longest time, it is none other than Aravind KP. Although, he failed to become the winner of the show. His fans have managed to keep Aravind KP in news even after the show has been wrapped up or completed.

Are you wondering why Aravind KP is still being in the news. On one hand, Aravind fans are greatly disappointed over Colors Kannada and Sudeep for ditching Aravind in the last minute while promoting him throughout the season. BBK viewers are trolling Sudeep and showrunners for using Arivya only for their TRPs. However, Bigg Boss viewers say what happened has happened because the makers announced Manju Pavagada as the winner of Kannada Bigg Boss 8 based on the public voting. So, technically, Bigg Boss makers haven't shown any partiality towards any of the contestants.

However, idol worship is blind so much so that it drives fans to do impossible things. Cut to the chase, in a hilarious turn of events, Aravind fans have now nominated him for Padma Shri Award, most of his fans have already voted for him. 

They are even urging other fans to nominate Aravind KP for Padma Award. They seem to be saying that Aravind doesn't deserve Kannada Bigg Boss title and that he deserves more than that—they say that Aravind KP deserves Padma Award and not just a Bigg Boss trophy.

Scores of fans are voting for him and they are also urging all Aravind fans to vote for him. It remains to be seen how netizens will react to this piece of news.

Here's a look at the tweet posted by one of Aravind KP's fans

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