Samir Soni's Fiest Book My Experiments With Silence Hits The Stands

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Samir Soni's first book My Experiments with Silence hits the stands; Here are facts about the actor you don't want to miss. 

An award winning actor, entrepreneur, director, a doting husband and a father, there is everything there is to be in Samir Soni's bag of achievements. And now , he has added another feather to his hat by turning author with My Experiments with Silence that hit the stands on 27th. The world where constant validation is a sign of one's self-worth, Samir found solace in silence and turned to his diary for comfort during his most challenging days in life. Through his book, Samir shares the musings of what goes in the mind of an introvert in the extroverted world and how he found his way back. Samir, through his diary, provides an insight on how healing is never a linear process and hopes for his readers to cope with the questions that have agitated the human mind since forever.

For someone who has never believed in being a conventional star, Samir turned to his diary to find some answers and find some solace while the world continues to run this rat race. In his book, he makes an attempt to remind his readers how until one discovers their 'real self', they are living someone else's life, the kind that have been set by the society. It also lays out how there is a constant struggle between hope and despair to find their own self.

About the book, Samir says, ''These diary entries are an introverts' entries of how I look at the world, how I have gotten my way through the showbiz despite being someone who is not very outgoing. I have put together my heart in this book. At a time where people seek validation, I chose to turn to my safe place, my diary, and that's how I discovered my real self. ''

He adds, ''I haven't been someone who is socially very active and that might have been a disadvantage on most instances, but as an actor, it was an advantage for me because it enabled me to connect with my character better. When I received my first award and my name was announced, it was rock silence, there was no one clapping for me but my diary helped me get through such days. I have put myself out there despite such lows, but in the end, I am also thankful for my highs, and my diary has truly helped me through all of it.''

Samir has worked in an array of films, TV shows, and theatre. A graduate from the University of California (Los Angeles), he has worked as a financial analyst at Merrill Lynch. He took the leap to acting after two years of the job and ever since, he has been at it. He made his debut as a writer/director in 2018 with My Birthday Song.

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