Believe In Your Own Superpowers: Says Bhairavi Jain

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Bhairavi is a fourth-generation entrepreneur, developmental enthusiast and avid philanthropist. She is the Chairperson and Founder of IEF Entrepreneurship Foundation and Executive Director of SCA Group of Companies founded in 1896. SCA Group undertakes activities in the supply chain and logistics sector. She is also a Director and member of the Strategic Advisory Group at Cargo Service Center India and Chairperson of Himalayan Essence.

Bhairavi has been listed as one of the 25 most powerful women in India by India Today. She has been profiled as a Stree Shakti (Woman Power) person by CNBC Awaaz and featured as a Young Turk by CNBC TV 18. She has been listed as one of the 10 women exemplars by the Hindustan Times and Business Today Magazine has featured her as the Supply Chain Maven. 

The entrepreneur has been to Hyderabad for a book tour named Highway To Swades. Bhairavi Jain shared a few interesting things about the book on the occasion. 

How is the response to Highway to Swades?

The initial response has been encouraging and positive. People are liking how the book has interwoven travel with economic development and sustainability developmental issues. So far, so good.

Are you happy with the response to Highway to Swades?

I want to be happier but I think these are the early days. The book became available only last week. And the launch happened in Hyderabad just today. 

When did you decide to write the book?

In 2014, I drew across the country. When you see together all places at a time, there will be a lot of differences in terms of diversity but there are a lot of commonalities as well. I thought to give a voice to those commonalities, we need to talk about them and also share them. We need a narrative of travel while celebrating our diversity and also giving voice to our unity. 

Who helped you in writing Highway to Swades?

I live half the year in Himalayas and Uttarkhand. I started writing the book when the Covid-19 lockdown started in 2020. I had a lot of notes and references, and the editors helped me in editing the book. But the writing part was entirely by myself. 

What conceived to name Highway Of Swades?

When in 2014, we were driving, a friend actually said that you should give the name to your experiences and he said he is going to Swadesh. We were going on a road trip and during that time Alia Bhatt's Highway was out. That's how the title was born. 

How did you adjust your time as you are also a board member of 20 different companies? 

I hardly sleep. I am very disciplined about my time because it doesn't matter if you are a king or a daily wage-earner, you have got only 24 hours. You have to divide your time, and you have to work on your own priorities. I'm very planned about everything, I respect time and I work as per deadlines. I try a lot to save some time because that half an hour could help me read or do something else. I divide my time between family, business and writing. A lot of the writings happened at nights.

Any message you want to give to youth through this book?

I want to give three messages to youngsters. First believe in this beautiful country that is full of places and interesting stories. So, get on the road travel, know the country because it is a privilege you are born in this country. You can go anywhere there are many places in every nook and corner. The second message: India does have huge opportunities, you must believe in the superpowers of its people, not just the government or company or something. Moments come and go, and people and power are very important to believe in them. The third is to believe in yourself as a person or individual. Everyone has their own superpower.

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