Koratala Siva Might Have To Wait A Little Bit Longer To Start Acharya!

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Koratala Siva expressed anxiety over his film Acharya getting delayed further and further during January of 2020. Now, he has made his peace with the prevailing situation and he is not sure if he should rush anyone. 

But the team of Acharya wants the shoot to start so that the equations before release will be in their favour and also, people can expect to get full salaries with start of the shoot. Director Koratala Siva as per buzz planned to start shoot this month but he needs to get go ahead from Ram Charan. 

Chiranjeevi will take his time to start shooting and before he could join, Acharya team wanted to finish Ram Charan parts first as the actor will be free for another one or two months. 

Now, Ram Charan needs to get clarity about the plans of RRR shooting schedules to change his look for Acharya slightly and also the number of days, he can allot depends on RRR schedules too. 

If Rajamouli wants to start Jr. NTR portions in October and finish them, then Ram Charan can complete his portions except action sequences for Acharya. But if Rajamouli decides to go with Ram Charan parts first and finish them by November, again expect big action portions, then he can give a month or 40 days worth of dates to Acharya team. 

Hence, Rajamouli's decision and plans to shoot RRR in coming months have become key for Ram Charan to decide on joining Acharya. When can the actor decide? When will Rajamouli give him clarity? When can Koratala Siva get back on sets? Stay tuned, we will keep you posted! 

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