Twitter Suspends 1.7 Lakh Accounts For Spreading Pro-China Narratives

 - Sakshi Post

A whopping 1.7 lakh accounts on the microblogging site Twitter were taken down on Thursday for posting and sharing information which were viewed as camauflaged narratives that favoured the Chinese government.

The posts that Twitter deleted mostly related to the Hong kong protests and COVID-19 crises among many topics. According to a report by CNN, expert working with Twitter were of the view that these posts favoured the Communist Party of China.

Twitter said that these accounts were "spreading geopolitical narratives favorable to the Communist Party of China". It said, as a consequence, they were removed for violating the platform's policies on manipulation.

According to Twitter, the suspended accounts tweeted mostly in various Chinese languages. Incidentally, Twitter is officially blocked in China prompting people to access the social media site via a VPN connection.

The pro-government campaign has targetted Chinese nationals living overseas and was done in an effort to exploit their capacity to extend the party-state`s influence, the Australian Strategic Policy Institute claimed.

Twitter said it had identified in all 23,750 accounts as a "highly engaged core network" that were being used to tweet content favorable to China and a further 150,000 accounts that were used to amplify the content, like, by retweeting content posted by core accounts.

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