Easy To Start A Group Video Chat With "Invite Links" On Google Duo

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HYDERABAD: The whole world is making video calls now and the work from home option due to the coronavirus stimulated lockdown has created an immense demand for video calling apps. The video calling app, Zoom has grabbed the attention of all the folks and the company's video calling service is at the top of the mobile app stores. Zoom allows users to talk to up to 99 other people simultaneously.

Though there are a few drawbacks but Zoom has been doing absolutely great. The rapid growth of Zoom has pushed the other video-calling apps to come up with better features.

Google Duo is one of the mobile-friendly and consumer-focused applications. It is in a plan to add new features to get on par with the likes of Zoom. Earlier, Google announced new features for Google Duo like invite links, group calls to more than 4 people, and more. Now the users can use the feature of invite links soon.

Creating a group is the foremost thing to get the link; Tap on 'Create Group' in the Android or iOS apps to create a group. After creating a group in Google Duo, a text box with a link will be visible on the screen. One can easily copy or share the link directly through another app. Anyone with a Google account can join the group. 'Share Link button' will appear under a three-dot menu before starting the call and after a call is started. One can see the list of those who have already joined the call before joining a group call by tapping the 'Join Group' button.  

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