UPL Supports Strengthening of Relations Between Mexico and India

UPL Supports Strengthening of Relations Between Mexico and India - Sakshi Post

UPL, a global provider of products and solutions for sustainable agriculture is entering into an agreement with the Honorable Chamber of Deputies with the support of the Embassy of India in Mexico to promote recovery, reforestation, maintenance, and beautification of an urban green area within the Parliament of Mexico.

Today the inauguration of the Garden of Friendship took place, which represents the shared commitment between the 3 entities to promote sustainability and green spaces. For this event we were honored by the presence of the Honorable Speaker of the Lok Sabha (House of the People), Parliament of India, equivalent of the Chamber of Deputies of Mexico, H.E. Shri Om Birla who is leading an Indian Parliamentary Delegation on an official visit to Mexico and Dip. Sergio Gutierrez Luna- President of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies who jointly inaugurated the garden.

UPL has been responsible for establishing the Organic Friendship Garden - India and Mexico, providing a range of sustainable biosolutions and technologies from its Natural Plant Protection (NPP) business unit’s portfolio which supports soil health, enable water efficiency, and help the garden’s plants and biodiversity to thrive. In India, UPL has undertaken drive towards afforestation and rehabilitation of the degraded forest and common lands. It works on Sapling to Forestry model by involving local stakeholders towards increasing the forest area. Community is encouraged and trained on the upkeep of these forests and amenities are provided by the UPL.

H.E. Shri Om Birla, Honorable speaker of the Lok Sabha said that the inauguration that is being carried out today of the garden is going to maintain and strengthen the friendship between both countries, and the fragrance of this garden will travel to other countries.

Dip. Sergio Gutierrez Luna- President of the Mexican Chamber of Deputies, said that we have been touched by the gift given to this Chamber of Deputies, this beautiful garden, and it is worth remembering that Mexico and India have had a long-standing relationship that goes back centuries before we both existed as independent nations.

H. E. Dr. Pankaj Sharma, Ambassador of India to Mexico, said that this organic friendship garden is an expression of the strong bond of friendship between India and Mexico and has been specially curated by UPL to adapt the Mexico´s climate and flora, one that seeks to foster an organic relationship between humans and nature.

Dip. Salvador Caro Cabrera, President of the friendship group India and Mexico said that this garden will remain as a testimonial of the friendship for eternity.

Amit Aggarwal, UPL LATAM Regional Marketing Director, said that UPL maintains a vibrant history as a partner to Mexico and its farmers, and it is exciting to see this new initiative come to life. The thriving garden will offer a compelling demonstration of the role that climate-smart solutions and technologies can play in Reimagining Sustainability not only for the health of plants, but also the health of our planet.

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