Sakleshpur Panchayat Lets Toss Decide Which Girl Marries Her Lover

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HASSAN: In a twist to a triangular love story to decide who should get the boy, a panchayat in Hassan district of Karnataka state decided to conduct a toss between the two women to decide the matter. The bizarre incident took place in Sakleshpur in the district where a young man was in love with two young women and was two-timing without them knowing each other.

Eventually, the women got to know of his wrong doing but went ahead and decided to marry him. With both the women wanting to marry the same man, the matter went to the elders of the village who conducted a panchayat to solve the issue. However, no solution could be arrived at the panchayat, where both were adamant in marrying the same man.

Meanwhile one of the girls who feared that she would not be able to marry him attempted suicide by drinking poison. She survived after the villagers responded in time and rushed her to a nearby hospital. She returned to the village after recovering from treatment. After her the return the same issue had cropped up again and a panchayat was held on this issue for the second time.

To arrive at solution and putting this love matter to an end the village elders suggested and told the young women that they would select one of them through a toss method. Whoever wins the toss would get to marry the boy, to which both the girls thankfully agreed. When the names were written in slips and picked, the name of the girl who drank the poison came up and she ended up marrying the young man on the same day without any delay!

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