Modi Surprises All In Parliament, Praises Opposition Leader Ghulam Nabi Azad!

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New Delhi: A rare event was witnessed during the parliament meetings in Rajya Sabha on Monday. Prime Minister Narendra Modi  was seen showering praises on the opposition leader (Congress) Ghulab Nabi Azad.  Modi said even though Azad is in the opposition he carries himself  in a very dignified way, and we are to learn a lot from him. He even added saying, anyone who is stepping for the first time into the house of parliment should be inspired from Azad. Not only this, he even mentioned Azad in the local elections of Jammu and Kashmir. For these elections to be conducted peacefully Azad has taken an initiative. Modi also mentioned him while delivering motion of thanks address to president.

Ghulab Nabi Azad stands in the front line amongst senior leaders who rebelled against the Congress party leader, Sonia Gandhi. Last year he was one among the G-23  important leaders who wrote a letter calling for changes in the party. He had even warned saying Congress party will be sitting as an opposition party for the next 50 years if things were not rectified at this point in time. Many a times, he has disagreed with the leadership of the party. In these times when Prime Minister Modi praised Azad, it has become a point of discussion in political circles.

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