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Movie: Ninne Pelladatha
Release Date: 14 October 2022
Cast: Aman Preet Singh, Sidhika Sharma, Indraja, Gagan Vihari, Saikiran Koneri
Producers: Velugodu Sreedhar Babu, Bollineni Rajashekar
Director: Vykunt Bonu

Sizzling actress Rakul Preet Singh has been a busy face in Bollywood after doing big films in Telugu. Her younger brother Aman Preet Singh made his grand debut in Tollywood with Teravenuka in 2021. He is now back with Ninne Pelladatha, which shares its title with an Akkineni Nagarjuna blockbuster. Here's the review of the film:

Plot: Priya (Sidhika Sharma) is a medico in Vizag. Abhiram (Aman Preet Singh), who starts off as a non-medical undergrad in the same college, shifts to Medicine for a reason. Owing to a collegemate named Kiran, Priya and Abhiram start getting closer. They slowly start loving each other. 

No matter how much Priya and Abhi care for and love each other, they struggle to bring themselves to confess their feelings for each other. When Priya finally decides to propose Abhiram, he gets a call from his father Dhanunjay (Sai Kumar), who asks him to immediately leave the college and come over to their village. Amid the distraction, Abhi doesn't listen to Priya's love proposal. Obeying his father, he returns to his village without caring about Priya's feelings. 

Dhanunjay, we learn, is meanwhile preparing to kill Priya. Why does Dhanunjay want to kill her? How do Priya and Abhi escape from his evil plans? Who is Sarojini in the plot? What's the connection between Dhanunjay and Sarojini, and why is Priya and Abhi's love story seen as an issue by them? As the story progresses, these questions get answered. 

Performances: Aman Preet Singh has got a decent screen presence. He delivers a commendable job in a complex role. Sidhika Sharma makes everyone sit up and take notice of her. She has it in her to gain a name for herself in the future. 

Indraja, Gagan Vihari and Saikiran Koneri do a fine job in their respective roles. The film's supporting artists don't go overboard. 

What's hot:

The storyline is not run-of-the-mill. That's what one needs these days to create basic interest. We have seen a host of films where caste divisions disturb a blooming love relationship. Ninne Pelladatha tells one such story but not in a routine manner. Narrow identities and classist mindsets are questioned by the film in a non-preachy manner.

The production values are decent. Director Vykunt Bonu narrates the story aptly. There are no flamboyant or glamorous elements that take away from the nature of the story.

The songs, screenplay and dialogue are engaging or entertaining, as the case may be. 

What's not:

The first half of Ninne Pelladatha should have been tighter. 

When you have borrowed your film's title from a classic, you need to ensure that there are no scenes that seem redundant. 

Verdict: All in all, Ninne Pelladatha is a message-oriented film that gives primacy to the lofty thoughts behind its story. The film shows the right intent.

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