Nenu C/o Nuvvu Movie Review

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Actors: Ratna Kishore, Sanya Sinha, Satya, Dhana, Gowtham Raj, Sagareddy and others
Banner: Agape Academy 
Story-Screenplay-Dialogues-Direction-Production: Sagareddy Thumma 
Co-producers: Atthavali, Shesh Reddy, Polish Venkat Reddy, K Joseph 
DOP: G Krishna Prasad
Lyrics: Pranavam, Choreographer: Naresh
Music: N R Raghunandan
Editor: Praveen Pudi
Art: PS Verma 
Action: Sholi Mallesh  

Nenu C/o Nuvvu has released in theatres. The film features Sanya Sinha, Rathna Kishore, Saga Reddy Thumma in the lead roles.  Let's check out the review:

Plot: Prathap Reddy is a Zamindar who is also the president of Gopalpuram village. He believes in the caste system, and has a younger sister Deepika. Maruthi, the son of a shopkeeper, falls in love with Deepika. Initially, Deepika ignores Maruthi's love proposal. Later, she falls in love after he helps her in writing college exams. One fine day, Prathap Reddy spots Maruthi holding Deepika's hand in a temple. The enraged Prathap Reddy decides to get his sister married off to another guy from his own caste. Will Maruthi be able to fight all odds and reunite with Deepika? 

Performances: Debutant Ratna Kishore is a promising acting talent. Sanya Singh looks convincing. Saga Reddy Thumma as Prathap Reddy gives a compelling performance. His concern for his sister is sometimes excessive and the actor expresses it in a believable manner. Many movie offers are expected to come his way after this movie. The rest of the cast and crew does a decent job.

What's hot: Director Thumma has chosen the right script in enlightening the audience about the undesirable effects of caste. We have seen plenty of movies themed on caste-based differences, and they portrayed how rigid some people are about narrow identities. This film is an addition to them. The background music of the film is good. Sanya Singh looks able on the big screen.

What's not: The characterizations could have been way better. Also, commanding performances would have taken this film to a newer level. The writing needed the sensibilities of an RX 100.

Verdict: Nenu C/o Nuvvu is a largely watchable movie.

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