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Young actor Laksh returns to the big screen after a long time with the movie Gangster Gangaraju. The film released in theatres on Friday. The film has gathered positive responses from all quarters. If you are waiting to read Gangster Gangaraju review before booking your tickets, here you go:

Plot: Gangaraju (Laksh) enjoys a carefree life with friends. Gangaraju’s father Nagaraju (Goparaju Ramana) works in the Railway department and he is also nearing his retirement age. Gangaraju doesn’t take his career seriously, he simply wants to chill out with his friends. Gangaraju falls in love with Umadevi (Vedika Daat), he tries a lot to win her heart. Due to unfortunate incidents, Gangaraju accidentally kills a Gangster Siddappa. After the murder, will Gangaraju be able to walk free in his village? Why did Gangaraju kill Gangster Siddappa? Who’s behind to all of this. To know the story, one must watch the film in theatres.

Performances: Laksh as Gangaraju steals the show with his outstanding performance. Laksh gets into the skin of his character. Laksh lets the limelight fall on Vedika Daat. Laksh and Vedika Datt's on-screen chemistry is a delight to watch. Laksh gets maximum screen presence. The rest of the cast does a decent performance in the film

Plus Points:

Laksh's electrifying performance
Few Emotional scenes

Thumbs Down:

Too many flashbacks

Verdict: Gangster Gangaraju is a clear winner, here and there few scenes in the second half could have been tightly scripted. It’s worth your ticket.

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