Kriti Sanon posts BTS video, shares about her gruelling training for ‘Ganapath’

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New Delhi, Oct 14 (IANS) Actress Kriti Sanon now becoming an action star in her own right for the very first time. Doing the role of Jassi in her upcoming film 'Ganapath', she posted a behind-the-scenes video narrating her gruelling training session.

Showcasing various scenes of her training to be in tip-top condition for the sci-fi-action film, Kriti had to learn many things.This included using nunchucks, martial arts, riding a dirt bike, kickboxing, as well as grueling fitness exercises such as iron body, full-out stretching, cardio and more.

The actress said: “I’ve been dying to do action on-screen and I was supposed to use nunchucks as my main weapon.”

Her trainer, addressing this situation, said: “Her wrist was very slim so we had to open it up. So before I handed her the nunchucks, I trained her with a Shaolin staff.”

Learning how to use a long staff in order to open her wrist and harden both her grip, as well as learn balance, Kriti ended up mastering the weapon in a very short time.

Kriti added: “This is the first time I’ve done action ever, (laughs) but I knew I had a very long way to go. With every weapon you use, you first have to master the art of using it. As such it has to come to you very naturally.”

Then showing other videos of her training, Kriti was shown doing kickboxing, mixed martial arts, punching, and running.

Elaborating on other parts of her training, she said: “Apart from nunchucks there was also kickboxing training which I did. There was also, you know, a dirt bike, I was supposed to ride a dirt bike and I didn’t even know how to ride a bike before this.”

The video showed various scenes of her just struggling to ride a normal bike, before the crew started practicing in Ladakh where majority of the scenes were shot. Eventually, however, the ‘Adipurush’ actress got the hang of it.

Describing her bike training, she said: “Riding a normal bike, or a heavy bike, or even a bullet is fine, but a dirt bike is very tall, and you know I’m saying that.”

About her character Jassi, the actress was shown in the studio doing several fight and knife training scenes with her trainers.

She said: “The way Jassi’s character is introduced, it is just so powerful, sexy, rugged, and raw. Just you know, that is all of it.

While she was being pulled by her trainer, she laughingly said before screaming a bit in pain: “He thinks I don’t have bones. He thinks everyone’s a tiger!”

The end of the video cuts to scenes of her character in film and the announcement for ‘Ganapath: A Hero is Born.’

Directed by Vikas Bahl, the movie stars Tiger Shroff, Kriti Sanon, and Amitabh Bachchan in lead roles. It will hit the big screen on October 20, 2023.

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