Watch: Rollerblader Almost Crashes into King Charles Car in London

 - Sakshi Post

London: A rollerblader seemingly evaded security and almost crashed into King Charles III's car in London on Friday evening. The incident took place in London’s Parliament square around 7.40 pm local time when King Charles was heading to Westminster Hall to perform a vigil at Queen Elizabeth’s coffin. 

At least five police officers lunged at the man, who attempted to cross the road, and tackled him as the royal cavalcade entered the Parliament Square. 

With the police officers quick intervention, the royal cavalcade continued its journey without any delay. The Metropolitan Police detained him and subsequently released as he had no malicious intent. 

Earlier, a man was arrested by the London police after he allegedly pushed a seven-year-old out of the way and lunged for the Queen’s coffin at Westminster Hall. Dozens of mourners were gathered at the Hall to pay their respects to Queen Elizabeth II lying in state. 

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