Chicken Fillet Wakes Up Taiwan Boy From Coma

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A young man wakes up from a coma after 62 days. Isn't this news shocking? Yes... But this is true. Taiwanese teenager Chiu regained consciousness from the coma. In a major road accident, Chiu from Hsinchu County was severely injured. He was immediately rushed to hospital and doctors said that he suffered injuries to his spleen, right kidney, liver, abdomen, and bladder. Emergency surgeries were performed. However, the young boy slipped into a coma.

Hsieh Tsung-Hsin, director of Ton Yen General Hospital's Intensive Care Unit, said that his liver and right kidney, like his other organs, were in poor condition. Chiu underwent six surgeries including splenectomy, liver repair and craniotomy. While doctors made every effort to revive Chiu, all of them eventually said that he would only be able to survive if he had the willpower to make it through.

A nurse told Taiwan News that, "Chiu was in a coma for more than two months, and on the 62nd day, Chiu's brother, who was seated beside his bed in the hospital, said in jest to lighten the mood, "Brother, I'm going to eat you your favourite chicken fillet." Moments later, Chiu regained consciousness. His vital stats stabilized as well."

Soon after his recovery, Chiu was discharged from the hospital. The family members and Chiu thanked his medical team for their efforts to save his life.

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